ODA QnA module – csv file upload error

Failed to upload the qna.csv data source. Reason: QnAException: Headers [questions,category_path,content] are missing in the CSV file, please add them to the csv file or remove the unprintable characters at the begining of the CSV file, this may happen when you edit this file with Excel 

If you encounter the above error while uploading a csv file on the qna module of the Oracle digital Assistant.

Open the csv file using a text editor ie. notepad++

  • Set the end of line style to UNIX (Notepad++ ->edit-> EOL Conversation ->Unix (LF)
  • Set the encoding to be UTF-8 (Notepad++->Encoding ->UTF-8)
  • Make sure the separators are commas.

Credits to Simon Boorsma for the great blog post!

Happy Coding!

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